Poiana Brașov – How was the Resort born?

Poiana Brasov is becoming the most important winter resort of Romania, an internationally acclaimed tourist attraction and a place that offers activities for all tastes. From a village of shepherds, Poiana Brasov was born and grew up around the ski slopes here, but today skiing is just one of many things that tourists can do here.

Poiana village was first mentioned in a document in 1427. But then no one had heard of skiing and in Poiana the main activity was shepherding, something that has ensured the existence of people here for millennia. However from 1900 (documents speak of 1895), the first ski amateur starts coming here, knowing that the massive Postăvaru areas was suitable for this sport.

It had so much success that in 1906 this sport had organize the first competitive skiing in Poiana Brasov. But although every year more and more people wore coming here, for almost 50 years, the only facilities here were natural. But the change came in 1951, when the city hosted the World University Games, an occasion for the communist authorities to inaugurate a modern, first lift here.

Poiana Brasov has the best infrastructure of its kind in Romania and offers very good conditions for winter sports for advanced and beginners or uninitiated. Here you can find the best conditions for skiing, snowboarding, sled skating and a diversity that includes all seasons.

One great advantage if you stay in Brasov is that you are very close to a place full of attractions, museums and classical architectural that are definitely worth visiting.

Certainly a trip to the Black Church will be particularly interesting and Graft Bastion and the Alley by the Walls and Rope Street will be places you will not want to miss. Otherwise, the whole town is full of places that are worth seeing and certainly one afternoon there will enchant you.

Attractions and leisure activities in Poiana Brasov

Horse riding it’s not far from the resort also modern and versatile. Therefore, it is good to know that you can ride horses in Poiana Brasov Center riding. Horses are not available only during summer but in every season. And if you want to give your loved one a romantic gift, you can rent a carriage or sleigh for a special walk through the splendid view of the resort.

And of course, you could not miss team building activities that are found in all major tourist destinations in Prahova Valley. So, here you can organize paintball games, adventures cycling or hiking with friends.

All that remains to do is to properly pack and go along. Enjoy the beautiful surroundings and join winter sports on any slopes in Poiana. Let us care about your sleep and luggage at one of our locations in Brasov or Cristian. Ambient Hotels is waiting for a new winter season and of course, it’s waiting for you!

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