You MAY take 1 day off!

On May 1, 1886, hundreds of thousands of demonstrators protested throughout the United States, but the biggest demonstration took place in Chicago, where 90,000 people meet, of which about 40,000 were on strike. The result was that about 35,000 workers won the right to work an 8 hour day, without salary reduction.

The 1st of May has become known worldwide as a result of violent incidents that took place three days later in Chicago Heymarket market. The number of strikers had risen to over 65,000, and collided with the police resulted in many casualties.

In Romania, 1st May, Labor Day was celebrated first in 1890, during the reign of Carol I. It became a tolerated celebration, but often ignored in local publications of the time. During communism, 1st May demonstrations were organized as propaganda on ample boulevards and stadiums across the country. Thousands of people were being festive and kept marching through the streets of major cities. They chanted pro-communist slogans and carrying signs.

Currently, in most states, 1st May is called day off – and named as a day of work or a day for workers. On the other hand, in many countries around the world have held demonstrations of unions take this opportunity to make their claims public social or professional.

1st of May is celebrated as in other countries:

• Argentina’s celebration regarding 1st of May holiday events is being organized in cities.
• Brazil: official holiday. It is the day which usually increases minimum wages.
• Chile: everything is closed on 1 May, everyone celebrates
• Pakistan: Workers are the ones who do not really take into account their work on 1 May, while the rest of the world is free.
• Australia: By regions, some Australians celebrate Labor Day in March in October or the first Monday in May.
• India: It is a national holiday, everyone is free.
• Jamaica: Labor Day has replaced the day of the Empire, which Jamaican people celebrate on May 24, in honor of the queen of victory.
• Malaysia: 1 May is known under the name ‘Hari Buruh», being a public holiday.
• New Zealand: workers are celebrating usually in the last month of October.
• The Philippines: Day 1 May is known under the name of «Araw ng mga Manggagawa».
• Trinidad Tobago: celebrating on 19 June.
• Syria and Egypt: it is a national holiday, everyone is free.
• USA: Americans celebrate Labor Day on the first Monday of September. The next day, children start school.
• Cuba: Everyone has free and many people attend the grand parade in the capital Havana and other cities.
• Turkey is celebrated on May 1, 1923 onwards.
• May 1st is a public holiday in Costa Rica, Ecuador, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, North Korea, Iraq, Nepal, Pakistan and many other countries.

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