The Baptism – A special event

Children do not remember what we try to teach them. They remember who you are. “
Jim Henson.

Baptism – there is no popular „tradition“, no „magic act“ or a „right“ that we can own it automatically, but is the fundamental document into the Church and, It must therefore be received with respect and understanding.

For this great event, we decided to make a list that hopefully will help in assigning tasks.

1. The guest list for starters, you have to deal carefully with the list so you can manage the details on the rest of your time.

2. Choosing a location.
Once you have determined how many people will attend the baptism of your little man, you can rent a location. What should be definitely consider, the place where the party will have place. In this way, people you love, will enjoy freely, celebrating love. As suggestions we can provide locations of Cristian village, Brasov County, Resort and Mansion Ambient, both in Saxon style.

3. Date for the event
Once you have decided on the location, it is advisable to book a local team that can help you out with the preparations .Otherwise an event like this requires special matching data not only about the event and the date in which baptism takes place at church or weekends but also for guests that have to match the same date to baptism.

4. Choose a theme.
As for weddings, it is advisable to work with a team of people trained in such events that will provide you the special moment meant to make everyone feel the joy and happiness of your family.

5. Invitations
If you checked the time, you already know how many people will come to the event and choosing a theme, you can begin to design and send invitations. Including there are specialists that will help to design and event invitation right family.

6. Creating a menu
Depending on the chosen theme, the menu will be customized. It is a celebration that will be seen by your children after years. Everything will be happy, playful and colorful combined with decor stories or cartoon. Lollipops, marshmallows or colored decorations will delight all adults making them relive special moments from childhood or adolescence.

7. Memories and pictures. Do not forget pictures!
An event that happens once in life it has to be captured. Whether you come with your camera at home and practice your talent or choose a professional photographer, photos will be those memories that you will cherish increasingly more as the years pass.

We aim to fulfill the wishes of proud parents and over the years our locations to represent some special place full of memories.

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