Although the beautiful corridors guarded by orange fires resound of ancient echoes, here … still feel at every step … that the past has given the hand of friendship to the present and make the best team!

The heated pool with sauna, jacuzzi and massages are the evidence of the great contrast generated by this space, where you can enjoy with the five senses.


We invite you to abandon yourself to a moment of relaxation in our sauna, to complete this wonderful experience with us.

The sauna is ideal for the renewal of the epidermis since it favors the peeling of the corneum stratum and helps you to get more softness in the skin and win muscle elasticity.


In order to keep fit at any time we offer our guests our heated pool.

Swimming is the ultimate endurance activity with great benefits for cardiovascular and respiratory systems, which will help you to strengthen all muscles and have excellent posture while you generate a feeling of happiness.


Soft, based on the awakening of the senses, offers a moment of relaxation for our guests looking to abandon and reconcile with their body.

The masseur uses an oil for better sliding on the skin, usually a scented and relaxing essential oil. The technique consists in involving, sculpting the entire body with sliding movements executed on the surface of the skin. It is a slow and wide massage in which the masseuse’s hands are running a harmonious choreography on the body.

The massage lasts 50 minutes and has a cost of € 35 per person, is performed in the guest room and the masseur comes with a portable massage table

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