Vlad the Impaler and Halloween in Transylvania

The Halloween Party is without a doubt one of the most remarkable events anyone could experience in Transylvania. The flavor of the Transylvanian cuisine mingled with the melodious folk songs, unique events and unexpected surprises will prove that every legend has a little bit of truth in it!

More than 600,000 tourists visit the castle every year in hopes of meeting the charismatic vampire made popular by Irish author Bram Stoker’s novel „Dracula,“ published in 1897.

Stoker never visited Central Europe, but his character is based on the 15th-century ruler, Vlad Tepes — better known as Vlad the Impaler — who ordered the brutal torture and killing of tens of thousands of people during his reign.

For several years, October 31 is known in Romania as the day of „Halloween“ or „All Saints Day“.
Halloween is of Celtic origin, being introduced in other countries by Irish immigrants of the United States of America. Celts believed that on October 31, spirits communicate with the living and return to earth. People disguised as monsters went out on the streets to make a lot of noise so they said scare evil spirits.

The guests are welcomed with a traditional Romanian drink prepared especially for the cold season – a shot of Romanian “water of fire” boiled with pepper will increase the interest in the delicious mouth-watering traditional dishes prepared for the Halloween party. The Master of Ceremony, Dracula, will introduce the guests to the program of the evening making sure every one will have a night to remember.

Americans prepare for Halloween more than for Christmas or Easter.
On this occasion, America emerged and developed a whole industry of accessories, masks, costumes of vampires, skeletons, devils, ghosts.etc, and also decorated pumpkins. Children dress up and go caroling from house to house, the owner has to welcome and give them candy or risk being frightened by the participants. Other young brave people go during the night in cemeteries

Halloween candies are prepared specific for this celebration, glazed apples, which are traditional in the UK and Ireland. Among other dishes associated with Halloween are cake easy fruit in which is inserted a ring or coin (Ireland), caramels (UK). Another delicacy of Halloween is the pumpkin pie.

Some Halloween superstitions that were once major include:

– If an unmarried girl put under her pillow rosemary flowers and a silver coin on Halloween night, it’s believed that she will dream her future husband
– If you hear footsteps or noises in the back,on Halloween night, do not turn around because it was said to be a spirit came from the other side to take you with him;
– On the night of Halloween peanuts are used for spells, because the devil was considered gatherer of these fruits;
– If during the Halloween night you find bats flying in the house it is said that the house has evil spirits;
– The candle inside the pumpkin from Halloween night, was meant to keep away evil spirits;
– If you see a spider on Halloween night in the house means that the spirit of a loved one is watching you.
– It is said that on Halloween night when attending a dinner is good to talk during meals so nearby spirits can’t participate at the discussion.
– If bells are beating on Halloween night spirits and ghosts would be scared;
– People who were born on Halloween night where meant to see and communicate with spirits, etc.

Transylvania – the name itself is enough to send chills down the spine of even the most fearless traveler. Now imagine being there, in person, when the clock strikes midnight… on Halloween!

By now you should be convinced that the land of Dracula in Transylvania is the Bran Castle. We are waiting for you to rest before and after the party at Ambient Cristian Mansion.

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