March 8, Traditions and Customs of Women’s Day!

March 8 is celebrated as International Women’s Day, when women are celebrated and pampered with flowers, sweets and gifts.

Initially, the celebration of Women’s Day was a party with socio-political connotations. Several events were organized to promote equal rights between the sexes. However, over time, this celebration has lost its meaning and became an event to celebrate romantic lovers.

Women’s Day was celebrated for the first time 106 years ago, in 1911. In the 70s, March 8 was declared a holiday and a day of rest in the Soviet Union. Around this time, the event has been recognized around the world.
In many countries, March 8 is considered the first day of spring. Other countries argue that spring begins on March 1. In 2009, Romania was one of the few countries celebrating Mother’s Day with Women’s Day. The children were making handmade greetings that they gave along with a flower, the day 8 of March.

In 2010 it was established that Mother’s Day is officially celebrated on the first Sunday in May, and Father’s Day on the second Sunday in May.

Being a recent holiday, there are no traditions and customs to celebrate Women’s Day on March 8. On the contrary, women were part of several celebrations dedicated to them during the year: January 7 is the day of women’s friendship; On this day, women gather and have parties without men; Ciurica is celebrated on July 15, the day the woman has permission to hit the man. It is said that those who pass through this will be stuck all year round, and that on this day men often leave home to escape the wrath of their wives; Procoava is celebrated on October 1, and on this day, Saint Procoavă performs prayers for girls who want a more beautiful hair, so that they can find their chosen faster and easier; Good Friday is considered an important deity of women, it is said that those who are married are protected by the goddess. Out of respect for the deity, women are not allowed to wash clothes or make bread in any year or Friday of October 14 (the day of the Holy Paraskeva).

Conacul Ambient Team wishes all women a warm March 8th and a wonderful spring!

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