Together for a Happy Easter!

The Resurrection is the most important celebration for Christians, in which they celebrate traditions, joy, reunion with family and loved ones.

Ambient Mansion is a dreamy place where you will not only enjoy a luxurious stay in incomparably beautiful rooms, but also the place where all the traditions and customs of Easter are kept scrupulously and in which you will spend unforgettable days letting yourself be pampered by traditional dishes made with love by our chefs.

The celebration actually begins with Palm Sunday, when is celebrated the entrance of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem. Holy Week aims to share the torments of Jesus. This week Lent ends, which lasts 40 days, and everything comes back to life. On Thursday of Easter, the bells stop beating, they will only beat Saturday.

One of the highlights of the day is the blessing of water in the church. It was said that the first person to be baptized with this “new” water will be lucky in life.
Water also plays an important role on Easter Sunday. The Christians go to church and bring food and wine ready to be sanctified. Lent ends up consuming these foods.

Before 325 BC Easter was celebrated on different days of the week, including Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. That same year was celebrated the Council of Nicaea by Constantine in which was given the law that established that the celebration of the Passover will take place the first Sunday after the full moon after the spring equinox, or the first day of spring.

The gastronomic delights are part of the Romanian tradition, which are also scrupulously respected. Across the country, Easter is an opportunity to prepare the most delicious dishes for family and loved ones. Housewives from all over the world paint eggs, that both children and adults clash, knead the Pasca and prepare the traditional  Drob of lamb.

Rabbits are part of the history of Easter, as they are the symbol of Eostre, but also because rabbits are strongly linked to pagan traditions. The Rabbit was among others a symbol of the moon and the cycles of the moon determine which day we celebrate the Passover every year.

Before, in Germany, Easter bunnies were always white and if children who were very good, the rabbit brought them a basket full of colored eggs. In the 19th century in Germany was born the first sweet Easter bunnies based on pastry and sugar.

Today, the Easter Bunny exists almost everywhere in the world and became a great occasion for celebration, especially for children.

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